Guest Lecturer at UF


Guest lecturer at the University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications

I had the privilege of being invited to be a guest lecturer at the University of Florida’s College of Journalism and Communications.

We discussed graphic design, design theory and Adobe Illustrator with fun, hands-on projects to solidify techniques.  I led students through various practicum tutorials that would aid them in their logo design and magazine layouts.

Critique Sessions

Students participated in critique sessions of works-in-progress. This peer review feedback method allowed students to get different perspectives and make improvements on their work before submitting final designs.

Encore! Encore!

Students stated they learned a lot and enjoyed my easy-going, playful style, and asked that I come over as a professor for UF!

I was soon after contacted by their regular instructor to give an encore presentation.


My class is asking for an encore.

Are you free to come back to lecture …?

Would LOVE to have you back…so, let me know what works!


personal takeaways

It was good to speak and work with a higher education group other than my coworkers and students. Having never met any of the UF students before, their positive responses to my teaching style and content, helped confirm that I am a skilled instructor. My ability to help others understand a difficult subject with ease, is a valuable and marketable skill that is mutually fulfilling for both teacher and student.