About Me

april fitzgerald, assistant professor, santa fe college, gainesville, flHello!

I’m April FitzGerald, guide to many and designer of the items found on fox&toad.

For years I have sat and had conversations with people—young and old—who needed help. What I thought were simple discussions about Life, became even more meaningful when those same people tell me later of how our conversations made a major impact on their lives.

you simply never know how deeply your words can affect someone.

Taking this sign from The Universe, and wanting to live a life of Peace, Potential and Purpose, fox&toad was born.

So…What’s up with the fox and toad?

Easy: Be as cunning as a fox, but as peaceful as a toad. Always grow your mind, and make peace with your decisions. And, let’s be honest, foxes and toads are cute.

On fox&toad you’ll find posts about Life, Love and Truth, with a good dose of healthy eating, boho fashion and nature thrown in.


Show up for Life.