About Me

april fitzgerald, assistant professor, santa fe college, gainesville, flHello!

I’m April FitzGerald, designer of the jewelry found on fox&toad.

For years I’ve taught in higher education for print and web design, but at my heart I am a crafter. I have a tactile need to create.

I often get complimented on my designs and requests for my Etsy shop, so taking this sign from The Universe, fox&toad was born. Inspired by my ancestral heritage (Thank you 23andMe!), I craft jewelry inspired by the West/Sub-Sahara African, British, Irish, with a little Iberian, Southeast Asian, and Native American thrown in.

So…What’s up with the fox and toad?

Easy: Be as cunning as a fox, but as peaceful as a toad. Always grow your mind, and make peace with your decisions. And, let’s be honest, foxes and toads are cute.

On fox&toad you’ll find custom jewelry and posts about life, love, truth, and ambition.

And if you have a custom request, feel free to contact me: Custom Design Form.


Showing up for Life.