New items added from Collection 1!

As promised, I’ve added new handcrafted inventory to the shop (with more on the way).

Collection 1: A fusion of new and old

Collection 1 is a fusion of new and old: antique salvaged pieces from my travels, blended into modern works of art fashion, along with ancient African, Native American, Southeast Asian, British and Irish cultural influences.

You won’t be wearing everyday jewelry. You’re wearing a piece of historical or custom art.

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And remember, if any of your pieces need some TLC due to regular wear, I will repair for free.

Gold-filled and sterling silver coming soon

As a more cost-effective, yet higher quality option, fox&toad will soon be offering gold-filled and sterling silver findings. Just wanted to make sure that you’re able to up your jewelry A-game that much more.

Meeting new and lovely faces

I enjoyed meeting many of you at the Orange and Blue Fest (Hello Chris and Carmen!) and Spirit Fest (I see you, Ms. Katherine) this month. It was great talking with all who visited. It gave me insight into your love of art and design. Especially when it involves giant animatronic Halloween dragons, or wild berry flavored gummy lifesavers 😉

Alright, enough of me rambling.

See you next time, friends!

Showing up for Life

P.S. Your feedback is always welcome–for better or for worse–because fox&toad can’t grow without listening to its customers.

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