When they won’t choose you

photo "Letting Go" by Syahmir

You sit in bed staring at the ceiling; brain-dead and tired. Not physically tired, though. More like the kind of tired that goes below the depths of your soul, and has you re-evaluating the twists and turns of your life.

You have to be at work in an hour, but you don’t want to go.

Even though you’ve done a great job for years (your clients constantly tell you so), and your coworkers are friendly, they don’t respect you. The subtle lack of including you in important discussions, ignoring your suggestions and contributions, and being passed over for accolades when others who do less get praised to high heaven, is evidence of this.

Over the years you’ve become a shadow going through the motions.

And it is in this moment that you have an epiphany: A bad job can be like a bad relationship. If you haven’t gotten the ring after all your efforts, it’s never going to commit. It’s time to leave and move on.

When they refuse to choose you, choose yourself.

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