We are immortal

Recently, some of my colleagues have suffered the passing of loved ones. I was brought back to thoughts of when I lost my grandmother. About Life, Death and Immortality. I dedicate this post to him, her, and all others who have suffered the loss of a loved-one.

When a loved one dies

We cry. We scream. We curse the Heavens. Question Life and Death.

But are they really gone? They still live on in our memories, our dreams; sequestered away in electro-chemical processes that dance across the synapses of our brain cells.

And it’s there, in Memory, where the secret lies. The secret to immortality all wrapped up in those pulses of memory energy.

Lavoisier had it right

Everything can be reduced to energy in its simplest form.

The lightening bolt that shoots from the ground, the current responsible for the familiar thump-thump of a beating heart. Further still, the energy held within the microscopic yet powerful atoms that comprise our existence.

So goes the same for our memories. In their simplest form, they too, are energy.

Because of this, we can take comfort in Lavoisier’s theory:

Energy is neither created nor destroyed.

Energy is always around us. With us. In us.

It is forever.

We are forever.

We are immortal.

* Image by fascinatingly.com

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