Chrysocolla: A stone of communication

Stone of Communication

Chrysocolla is a Stone of Communication devoted to expression, empowerment and teaching. With its  turquoise-blue color, it helps to discharge negative energies, calms, and allows truth and inner wisdom to surface and be heard. A stone of peace, it emphasizes the strength that our words and actions can have on those around us, and encourages compassion and strengthening of character.


It is often used as a stone of prosperity and business astuteness by reacting on analytical and intuitive abilities. It can stimulate the mind and relax emotions at the same time.

Empowerment of Feminine Energies

Chrysocolla is a stone of empowerment of the feminine energies. This doesn’t mean it is a stone only for women. It teaches that genuine power is best expressed through gentleness, and anyone could benefit from that. However, it is touted as a stone of the Goddess, and those who resonate with it will likely feel her ancient and enduring energies rising within themselves.

Reference Credit: Crystal Vaults

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